BAA Cheap Airport Parking.

Pre-Book your airport parking at Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen directly with BAA (the airports owners) to get competitively priced parking options and conventient locations.


BAA Airport Parking Review.

BAA airports Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Car parking is a substantial part of their business and BAA has the best options and offers in the market with the added assurance of full refunds and no hidden charges.

There is a great selection of BAA parking, catering for all the different needs:

BAA Short Stay
The closest car parks to the terminal
Located within walking distance and usually by means of a covered walkway
No need to use transfer buses
Only available through BAA (not sold by other consolidators)
Ideal for short trips or weekends away

BAA Valet Parking
Offers Drop-off and Pick-up on terminal forecourt itself
Walking distance to terminal – no need for bus transfer
The ultimate in convenience
Ideal for those travelling with luggage or children
All customer cars are parked in secure approved BAA car parks

BAA Business Parking
Located closer to the terminal than Long Stay car parks
Frequent bus transfers, with some car parks offering pick up from the customer’s car
Ideal for business or leisure travellers wanting greater convenience and speed

BAA Long Stay
Recommended for longer trips away and holiday parking
Frequent bus transfers
Offers the best balance of value and convenience
Long Stay Plus offers the option of having your car parked for you (Heathrow only) cheap airport parking at Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.