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27.07.2010 Struggling with Blanket Weed in your pond? Bradshaws Direct have a range of products to help you beat blanket weed.

26.07.2010 In the sale you can save 50% on polyex pond liners.


Bradshaws Direct Review.

Bradshaws Direct is a mail order water gardening company established for more than 30 years. 

Bradshaws Direct hold huge stocks and pride themselves on a fast and professional service. 98% of orders are filled first time from their own warehouse. Standard delivery is 5-7 working days and costs £4.99. They have 48 and 24 hour options available for an extra charge. 

The  business is at its busiest in the spring and summer as that’s when people spend more time building and maintaining their ponds. That said, they have a range of products that sell throughout the year. See below for a list of their key product ranges.

Pond Liners – Bradshaws stock all kinds of pond liners, including Butyl rubber, Greenseal, Firestone, PVC, box-welded and their own brand Polyex Liners – by far the best seller and the cheapest on the web. Liners sell all year but peak in March to July.

Pond Pumps and Pond Filters – their massive range includes all the best selling brands like Hozelock, Oase, Oasis, Blagdon and Evolution Aqua. These are year-round sellers with the peak in spring/summer.

Pond Vacuums – this is a really strong product group as  they have all the major brands in stock – Oase, Blagdon, Hozelock, Laguna. Vacuums sell well in the spring and summer months, but also sell in the autumn, for clearing fallen leaves out of the pond and then there’s another small peak in the run up to Christmas.

Pond Decoration – Bradshaws Direct have a wide range of water features, statues, lighting and fountains. Sales of these peak in May to August but they can also sell toward Christmas.

Solar Products – they have got solar-powered pumps, air pumps, water features and pond lights. Sales peak when the sun shines.

Filter Spares – filter foams and bulbs sell best in March to May as people get ready for the coming season.

Pond Treatments – there’s a cure for all pond problems but by far the best sellers are for Blanketweed. Sales are highest in May to August.

Pond Maintenance Accessories – including nets to scoop out and nets to cover up. These sell well from April to September. 

Products for the winter/cold weather:
Pond heaters
Wheatgerm and winter fish food
Pond thermometers
Pond skimmers and air pumps – these move water around in the pond and prevent freezing review, special offers and promotional and free delivery codes.