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20.07.2010 FREE UK delivery when you spend over £100 online at the Oddbins website.

19.07.2010 20% off when you buy two or more 75cl bottles of champagne and 20% off mixed cases of wine.


Oddbins Review.

Purchase an award-winning range of wines, spirits and champagne from an award-winning wine merchant. Oddbins was founded in 1963 by Ahmed Pochee. They have approximately 158 stores in the UK and Ireland. Online you can buy for home delivery wines, mixed cases of wine, champagne, malt whisky, ports and sherry, spirits and a selection of gift ideas.

ODDBINS "No other chain supports so consistently the notion that wines are individual entities... without Oddbins, there would simply be no large-scale retailer offering so much eclecticism and so much quality."

Richard Ehrlich, "The Independent"

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