Protect Your Bubble iPhone Insurance.

Protect your bubble offers iphone insurance at £5.99 per month and are currently offering an online offer where you can get one months free cover so get 11 months for the price of 12.


Gadget Cover iPhone insurance.

Gadget cover offers iphone insurance from £8.99 and are also offering currently 12 months for the price of 11 online. They also offer a free 3GB data backup service with their iphone insurance.


iPhone Insurance.

The iphone was launched and went on sale in June 2007 and in the UK in November 2007. To date their have been 4 iphone versions and estimated sales of 57 million up until december 2009. Revent surveys have also suggested many blackberry users would prefer an iphone too. In the UK estimates are that their are 2 million users and that they tend to be in the 20-40 age group and are middle to higher incomes. Iphones now account for 40% of Apples revenue. Because of the cost of the phone many users choose to take out iphone insurance and opposite are a couple of companies that can provide it.

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