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Expires - 31-08-2010

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01.07,2010 As well as bringing you the very best laptops at the best UK prices for one month only Laptops Direct are offering up to £200 Cashback on selected Acer Timeline Laptops!

Acer Aspire Timeline 3410T Laptop - LX.PEC02.092
Acer Aspire Timeline 3410T Laptop - LX.PEC02.092
Are you green? If you’re concerned with the environment then the Acer Aspire 3410T could be for you.
Acer are befriending the planet with their new series of energy-conscious notebooks, offering reduced power consumption to give you upwards of 5 hours battery life from one charge. Because they know you’ll be leaving your socket behind and getting on the go they’ve made the 3410T ultra-thin too; it’s lean and it’s green!
Even though you’re saving the planet you won’t be saving on performance because the 3410T comes with a nippy Intel Celeron 723 processor and a massive 3GB RAM. Whether you’re dealing with your documents or sorting your spreadsheets you won’t be sitting around twiddling your fingers; the 3410T has more than enough oomph to keep you productive.
Was £449.97
Regular Price £349.97
You Save £100.00
Now £299.97* - price after £50.00 cashback

Acer Aspire 5810T-944G32Mn Timeline Laptop - LX.PBB0X.121
Is your desk crammed full with all your different media bits and bats? Instead of letting your TV, stereo and games console compete for those last few inches of space, combine them into one with the Acer Aspire 5810T.
The 5810T is the perfect entertainment hub, covering pretty much every base. Whether you’re a music mogul, a gaming god or a film fanatic the 5810T will step-up to the plate and keep you sorted.
For starters it packs a heck of a punch; driven by a powerful Core 2 Duo processor and a massive 4GB RAM it’ll have no trouble juggling all your applications at once. Desperately need to de-tag those Facebook photos from last night whilst you’re downloading some new music? Have no fear, you’ll have it all sorted before anyone catches so much as a glimpse!
Was £920.55
Regular Price £629.96
You Save £290.59
Now £429.97* - price after £199.99 cashback


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