Provident Personal Credit.

 Provident Financial provide their customers with small unsecured loans with affordable repayments. Sometimes provident customers will have poor credit ratings, perhaps with CCJs against their names. Many of their customers simply like the lack of additional charges in their home credit products andthe face-to-face service provident do offer.The average loan to  customers is around £300. The typical APR on a £300 loan is 272.2%• They have over 11,500 agents nationwide who deliver a friendly door-to-door service to provident financial customers every week.They offer loans up to £500 for new customers, and up to £2,500 for existing customers. Typically their  customers are from ordinary families, have moderate incomes and need to manage their finances carefully. What they really want to do is borrow small amounts with fixed repayments they can afford.Provident Financial pride themselves on building a strong relationship based on trust with their customers. Becauseagents visit their customers each week, they know their circumstances and can assess their ability to take on a loan and make the repayments. Agents receive commission based on how much they collect, not how much they lend. This means that there is no incentive for provident agents to offer more than customers can afford to repay.A typical provident financial customer is70% are female31% are aged 18-3446% work either full or part-time40% use the Internet at home24% spend the money they receive from Provident on household items37% spend the money they receive on gifts for Christmas and birthdays15% spend the money they receive on home improvements11% spend the money they receive on clothes7% spend the money they receive on car items6% spend the money they receive on furniture4% spend the money they receive on electrical goods


Proveident Personal Credit Review.

 Provident Personal Credit is the leading home credit provider in the UK and Republic of Ireland providing small cash loans of £50 to £500 to applicants including those who have a poor credit history and even County Court Judgements.
In addition to providing small cash loans provident have developed other products for their customers to suit different needs, such as the increasing popularity of the Provident Money card and Love2shop vouchers. All are in the form of simple affordable loan repayments and offer the same great service that people have come to expect from Provident.

Being the leading home credit loan company in the UK and Republic of Ireland provident finance offer products with affordable, fixed weekly repayments, which is just what their customers want. This is why they keep coming back to them again and again.

Provident financial have already provided loans to 1.8 million customers and growing.

provident personal credit review.