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17.08.2010 To possibly qualify for a logbook loand you must be the legal owner and the car must be clear or nearly clear of finance.

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Logbook Loans have been in existence for over 8 years and currently manage in excess of £10m worth of loans for its customer base.
• Logbook Loans offer a loan which is secured against the value of a vehicle using the log book. 
• No Credit Checks
• Rapid Access to Cash: Logbook Loans are able to make cash available within 24 hours!
• Applicants can borrow anywhere from £500 to £50,000 dependent on the value of their vehicle.
• Flexible Loan Period: The standard loan term is 78 weeks; however customers can choose to settle their loan early.
• APR: The Logbook Loans APR reflects the fact that the applicant does not have to pass a credit check and is not subject to any other qualifying criteria such as employment or income details.

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