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21.08.2010 Who Qualifies for a V5 Loan?
Providing you own a car of sufficient value that is clear or nearly clear of finance, they will qualify for a no credit check personal loan. If you have been refused a fast personal loan in the past loan due to a bad credit rating, you could now obtain a fast personal loan with V5 Loans.
It can take up to six years to achieve a clean credit file, which might make you unable to obtain bad credit loan. Today, bad credit loans are available with V5 Loans. You needn’t wait a number of years for your credit file to be repaired by paying off all arrears and settling any outstanding defaults or CCJs.


V5 Loans Review.

V5 Loans – Gotta Car? Then Getta Loan

V5 Loans is a reputable lending company specialising in loans for those that have bad debts, CCJs, would fail a credit check or find it hard to raise money on the high street. Their Loans are secured against the value of their car, provided it is worth more than £500 and is less than 8-10 years old.

V5 Loans provide the perfect solution for anyone looking for a no credit check loan. Consumers seeking payday loans can often only raise small sums through a small loan. A logbook loan can work to the same principles of a payday loan, but provide a bigger loan. A payday loan is an unsecured loan, whereas a log book loan is a secured loan.
Unsecured loan companies often reject applicants as their lending criteria will not offer a no credit check loan. A no credit check loan is the ideal solution to consumers in that position.
A bad credit rating will prevent them obtaining a loan at standard interest rates. High APR’s can be offset by early settlement discounts. A no credit check personal loan is available to anyone with bad credit. A no credit check personal loan with V5 Loans can be paid out within 24 hours. V5 Loans offer a quick and simple means of borrowing money. If they have bad credit and are in need of a fast
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• By Transfer
• At the Office

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