Vanquis Credit Card Qualification Criteria.

Some examples of the criteria that an applicant must satisfy are:

Applicants for a Vanquis Abacus Card must be UK residents and over 18

Applicants for a Vanquis Blue or Gold Card must be UK residents and over 21

Applicants must be registered on the voters roll

Applicants must not have an outstanding County Court Judgement against their name or one that has cleared within the past year

Please note these are examples only and are by no means the only criteria that new applicants for a Vanquis card must meet


Vanquis Bank Review.

Vanquis Bank’s products serve customers ranging from those who have had credit problems in the past, to those completely new to credit, are self-employed or have a low income. Their aim is to provide a range of credit cards that give them the options they deserve.

Vanquis Bank is a responsible lender and they provide customers with support, and put in place credit limits that assist in controlling their spending. Vanquis do this by being transparent about their products and pricing, and providing high levels of customer service.

Vanquis Bank is led by an experienced credit card team. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Provident Financial plc, a leading international company providing home credit and credit cards.

Vanquis is a specialist lender providing credit to an underserved market. The Vanquis credir card offers 

  • No annual fee
  • Up to 56 days interest free on purchases
  • Additional cardholder/ free fraud monitoring at no additional cost – we’ll warn customers of any suspicious activity on their account
  • Chip & PIN technology for added security whenever a Vanquis card is used
  • Visa is widely accepted in the UK and abroad
  • Offers convenience for paying online and over the phone
  • A friendly and dedicated UK customer call centre
  • As a provider that is specifically geared towards servicing customers with previous credit problems or little or no credit history their higher APR’s reflect the additional business risk posed by this area of the consumer market. bad credit history credit card.